Ninety Six National Historic Site: A view through the eyes of a rangers’ wife.

I sat at my desk one day, unhappy, contemplating what job I would find rewarding. At that time my love of the National Parks had just begun and the idea of a Park Service job became a dream. This was all less than three years ago and my love of the National Parks is still strong and I get to enjoy being a park rangers’ wife for the time being. We typically plan our trips around visiting National Park sites and the seed for this alternative lifestyle was planted during a tent camping trip visiting multiple NPS sites. That being said it wasn’t a surprise when we decided to seek employment as a ranger and Jamie was the lucky one/guinea pig.

Ninety Six National Park was a park that we had already visited on our new to us NPS quest so we had a little idea of what to expect. Commonly know by locals as “Star Fort” the 1,022 acre park consists of a visitors center where you can view a great 20 minute movie narrated by Trace Adkins, a self guided 1 mile battlefield tour with very detailed signage, excellent fishing at Star Fort pond, and several other walking and equestrian trails. I spent many hours wandering trails, taking pictures, and just living in the moment. I volunteered during the NPS 100th birthday Centennial celebration and also an invasive species plant pull. I just wanted to share my time there with you in photos and Jamie will fill you guys in with a little history.

The most commonly accepted explanation for the curious name of Ninety-Six was that it had been believed to be 96 miles from the Cherokee town of Keowee. Near modern-day Clemson, Keowee was actually closer to 78 miles from Ninety-Six, but no matter where the name came from, there is quite a bit of history in this quiet town near Lake Greenwood in South Carolina.

Originally set up as a trading post near a once major crossroads, there were trails leading to most other major towns of the day. The site of 2 earlier battles between white settlers and Native Americans, by the time of the American Revolution, Ninety-Six had become a very prosperous town. It was the site of the first battle in South Carolina during the Revolution in 1775. Toward the end of the war, Ninety-Six had been the site of a 28 day siege in 1781. The attack on the earthwork star fort was the longest field siege during the Revolution. ~Ranger Jamie


Star Fort Pond

My Park Ranger

Our 1st Visit 3/16/2015

Thanks for reading, until our next adventure!

Rebecca and Jamie 



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