This is how we roll. We have always loved traveling but never had enough time. Over the course of many months of discussions we decided to live life while we can. We bought a 34′ travel trailer and a truck to pull it, sold most of our belongings and apologized to the dog and cat for taking them out of their comfort zones. We have a plan for at least the next 6 months and that might change tomorrow. That’s the beauty of this life style. Have an idea, make a plan and then change or reorganize it. I’m not a writer but I love to talk, take pictures and hope to share my adventures with you.

We are in the process of selling our first camper and converting a cargo trailer into our new home. When we moved to Charleston we ended up getting an apartment since we couldn’t find a campsite with such short notice.  When we leave Charleston in a few months we will be embarking on a two month road trip to our next jobs in Yellowstone.

Rebecca Cox


Jamie Coxthumb_IMG_6118_1024

Sadie Mae Cox


Tabby Cox



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  1. Beautiful picture on your home page! What and where is it. We think we have seen it before. Is it one one of those islands off South Carolina? If you get to San Antonio, go to El Maracumbe Mexicam restaurant and one order the Chilireno (meat) and the other Pez (fish) dinner. Both are excellent! Go see the Alamo. It’s free. Take the river barge ride….bout 10 bucks each but worth it. The see all the Missions. Of course the river walk. They turn on the Chrismas lights for Thanksgiving I think. It is beautiful. Best time of year to be here now til just after Jan 1st


    1. Thank you for your comments and great advice we really appreciate it. The photo is from Cumberland Island National Seashore in Georgia. The summer of 2014 we took a 12 day tent camping trip that sparked this whole adventure of living and traveling in a camper. Hopefully one day soon I can even get around to blogging about that trip. We are here until after Christmas but when we get to San Antonio we will check out all your suggestions.


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