Totally Fun- Food, Beer, Eclipse and a Visitor.

Moving around from one city to another and changing states always keeps life interesting. You get settled into routines and jobs while gathering favorite spots to hang out and meet good friends you hate to leave. Our first jobs at Amazon allowed us to meet travelers like ourselves so as you waved goodbye you hoped it was true when you said “until we meet again”. In August, with Charleston in the path of totality for the solar eclipse, we managed to make those parting goodbyes come true. We met Gary in Boyd, Texas, he was parked in the same campground just a few spaces up from ours. Gary was the guy who informed us about South Padre and we also became campground neighbors there. Having familiarity in a strange place is very comforting. Fast forward 15 months and Gary hopped on a plane to come visit.

His flight arrived late the night before the eclipse so we mainly spent time catching up and headed to bed early to get rested for the big event. Jamie worked during the eclipse so we planned to be at Liberty Square for the show. To get fueled up for the day we headed over to Easy Bay Deli for breakfast for the guys and a BLT for me.

East Bay Deli

Gary and I dropped Jamie off at work and then checked out a few bar stools in Charleston before heading back to watch the eclipse. I didn’t get any cool pictures of the eclipse so I’m bummed about that. In my defense I was afraid to point my new phone at the eclipse, if my eyes couldn’t handle it I wasn’t trying to fry the camera on my phone. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and goofing off. After the eclipse we swung by Relvery Brewing for a beer and then hit up Charleston Sports pub for half price burger night.

Liberty Square

 Revelry Brewing

Day three we grabbed lunch at Page’s Okra Grill before heading out to see the sights. My chicken and waffles was on point, the photo doesn’t do it justice but trust me its a Charleston must eat!

Page’s Okra Grill


Being that we were fairly new in town we got to play tourist together at Patriots Point. The focal point of Patriots Point is the USS Yorktown a World War II aircraft carrier but there was so much more to see. I would have a hard time picking a favorite. Climbing down into the USS Clamagore submarine you really took a step back in time. I was a little concerned as I descended into the old girl, I wondered if it might just sink, but was marveled at the size. By observation above water I expected to climb down to a room and that would be all there was, I didn’t realize how much of the USS Clamagore was hidden under the surface of the Charleston Harbor. They plan to sink the USS Clamagore in 2018 and create a natural reef so I’m glad I got to experience it and from the sounds of trickling water I’m just glad it didn’t happen while I was onboard.

USS Clamagore

USS Laffey

USS Yorktown

Vietnam Experience

All good things must come to an end, temporarily. I waved goodbye to my buddy once more…until we meet again.

Thanks for reading, until our next adventure!

Rebecca and Jamie




6 thoughts on “Totally Fun- Food, Beer, Eclipse and a Visitor.

  1. I’m traveling along east coast from St Augustine to Outer Banks NC in April. You seem to be a wanderer and history buff. I’m a bit older than you but enjoy historical sights, flowering gardens etc. Can you send me as many “MUST DO” places as you can for the areas I’m traveling. At my age the beer spots are not critical.




  2. I recently moved to Charleston and checked out some of the places you mentioned! I am a huge history buff, so I personally loved visiting the USS Yorktown. Next time you head to Charleston, you should definitely check out Low Tide Brewing as it is one of my personal favorites!


    1. I’m glad you are enjoying Charleston! We are currently living in Kentucky and really miss Charleston. We have been to Low tide and really enjoyed it but it was too far from the house to have too much fun.


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