Charleston’s National Park Sites

There is just something about the water, it brings me peace, it operates the dream factory, it grabs my glance and threatens to not let go. Arriving at Liberty Square to catch the boat to Fort Sumter I was already in love, a view of the harbor with the Ravenel bridge in the background will woo anyone, even a local.  The thirty minute boat ride out to the fort is narrated with a historical overview and filed with pelicans diving for lunch and dolphins surfacing in the harbor. Once out at Fort Sumter the 360 degree view is just majestic, the harbor, the Ravenel bridge, Charleston, the Atlantic Ocean, sailboats, and massive cargo ships.

On a man-made island in Charleston, SC, at the entrance to the Atlantic Ocean sits Fort Sumter. Began in 1829 to protect the city from foreign invasion, the imposing structure would be the flash point igniting The American Civil War. Originally occupied by Union forces, quickly the fort was captured by Confederates and held for the next four years during the bloodiest war the nation has ever seen. Today Fort Sumter stands in ruins as a reminder of the struggles America faced and the rebirth of a Nation.~

Ranger Jamie


Our first trip out to the island was experienced as tourists, we wanted to visit the park before Jamie started working there. I won’t bore you with a history lesson but whether you are a history buff or a nature lover, like myself, you will find all of Charleston’s National Park sites entertaining. Part of our travels is trying to incorporate what we love into our lives and Jamie being a ranger has allowed us to make money while traveling.

Fort Sumter

Ranger Jamie

Fort Moultrie

Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse

Charles Pinckney National Historic Site

Cancelation Stamps

Thanks for reading, until our next adventure!

Rebecca and Jamie


4 thoughts on “Charleston’s National Park Sites

    1. You have a great city! When we started talking about traveling we opted to stay in one place long enough to really become a local. We are originally from Asheville, N.C. and I know we need to go back and explore with new “eyes”.


  1. We are loving everything Charleston has to offer! Working today, but looking forward to exploring more over the weekend. Thanks for sharing all the National Park Sites!


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