“The Bluegrass State”

My favorite thing is to go somewhere I’ve never been. Diane Arbus

Being so close to Mammoth Cave National Park we decided to take a detour through Kentucky. Seeing that the campground at the park doesn’t have electric we opted for Nolin Lake State Park. We made a great choice, this campground was practically deserted and absolutely stunning. We scored a lakefront spot with no reservation.

Lake Nolin 5 seconds later I fell in, too bad we didn’t capture that moment.

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Battle Above the Clouds

Life is a great adventure…accept it in such a spirit. Theodore Roosevelt

One thing that has driven our travels in the recent years is the National Park Service. Each location has a cancellation stamp and many have corresponding informational stamps. Passport To Your National Parks is a great program that has helped us find many locations rich in history, views, and activities. Point Park did not disappoint us. I have always wanted to go to Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga but decided to skip the main tourist location and ventured farther up the mountain.


Point Park Entrance
Point Park Entrance

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