Farm Country

Nor rural sights alone, but rural sounds, exhilarate the spirit, and restore the tone of languid nature. William Cowper

Driving through the western part of Kentucky could be summed up by “hey look more soy beans”, okay so there was also some corn. The landscape was gorgeous farm country. We added Kentucky to our travel plans last minute so I didn’t have time to plan our route and we had to rely on GPS alone. Both locations we went to were out in the middle of nowhere so we mainly traveled small two lane roads. Some roads were windy, some tiny, and some crazy old bridges but we made it. We hit a stretch of road where we didn’t see a gas station for at least 90 miles and got the privilege of passing through Podunk, Kentucky.



After staying at Lake Nolin State Park we had high hopes for Kenlake State Park. The lake was pretty but the sites were a nightmare to get into and out of. We spent two hours getting in and two getting out, thank goodness for helpful campers and their assistance.


Our journey to Wingo, Kentucky was worth our efforts. I got to meet Jamie’s grandparents and also meet up with his Dad who traveled from Florida. Next we make our way back south to Memphis, Tennessee.



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