Island Life

Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone. ~Unknown


Moving to South Padre Island, Texas we quickly jumped into the work force but always tried to squeeze in a stroll on the beach before work or head to a great spot to watch the sunset and grab a beer on a day off. Our campground Isla Blanca Park offered great beach access and our sunset bar of choice was Laguna Bob’s.



I always love just hanging out at the campground. With wildlife, beach access, the jetty and dolphin cove we always had something to keep us entertained. The Pier 19 restaurant was also close by to do a little pelican watching. The jack rabbits at the campground were always a sight and the dog especially grew very fond of them.



Sadie Mae, our doberman, received a package from her grandma but she had to wait for Jamie to get home from work to open it. Needless to say she really enjoyed it and we just waited to see how long this bobo would last.


Even though we both had to work Valentine’s day we headed out to the beach before hand. We were always trying to soak up the sun and warm temperatures in winter that we weren’t use to. Since we both worked at restaurants I didn’t bother cooking much but one day I made a chuck roast in the crock pot with the same seasoning used to make Barbacoa and we had some amazing tacos.


Island life was great, we worked hard and played hard. We had moments, like finding a spider on your shower loofah, the “pterodactyl” mosquitos trying to eat me alive, but mainly we strolled on the beach, watched the sunset, admired the nature around us and worked. The tourism industry on this island during these winter months was good enough to keep us busy, keep us fed and allow us to prepare for the upcoming Spring Break.





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