Texas to South Carolina…

“Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.” ~Unknown

Over nine months ago we drove to South Carolina from South Padre Island, Texas, dragging our massive travel trailer behind us. You can in fact drive from one planet to another or so it might seem from destination to destination. I love the newness of it all. We are not full-time RV travelers but move from location to location and find jobs along the way. Six month stays were always the planned timeframe for each location so needless to say I have “hitch itch” as RVers like to say. I have failed on this blog with updates but before we begin a new adventure I feel like I should share our journey here.

We left Texas because Jamie got a job in South Carolina and we didn’t have a lot of time to dillydally. Most of our stays were just overnight and to save time we left the truck hooked to the trailer. We planned ahead and had food for the journey knowing we wouldn’t be going to the store. We try to make short trips especially in warmer weather with the animals. Our first stop was Kingsville, Texas and we were treated with a well thought out campground and scorching temperatures. The island breezes were very quickly missed. With such a short drive we were able to check in and then enjoy the great amenities at Natures own Campground.


Lake Texana was our next stop and I can’t wait to return and spend more time. The wildlife was abundant, deer were everywhere even napping in the grass. We enjoyed our fairly private spot, did some cooking and enjoyed being around trees again. I will admit we were awoken in the middle of the night by some pretty scary animal noises that even our Doberman seemed alarmed by. Glad we were in a camper and not a tent!

The next leg of our trip proved to be one of the most difficult we have had. Bad planning on my part but I just had no idea. I was trying to avoid the traffic of the big city (Houston) and took us on a detour that a fellow camper enjoyed. Taking the Galveston ferry seemed like a great idea but our midday approach on a holiday weekend was very poor thinking. As we sat in traffic for hours with soaring temperatures and a lowering gas gauge we tried not to panic. Like most things in life we survived and learned a lesson plus my house has been on a boat. Tucked into our campground at Hidden Lake in Beaumont, Texas we had managed to drive 3 days and never leave Texas.

New Orleans was the only place we planned to stay more than one night and ended up staying five because we were having so much fun. Ponchartrain Landing RV park was fantastic they offered a pool, restaurant, great views, and a shuttle downtown. I would like to spend more time in NOLA and would go so far to say I added it to my list of places to park for a few months. There just wasn’t enough time to see all I wanted to see. We spent hours walking the streets, eating beignets and gumbo, visiting hard rock and coyote ugly (our big city stops), chilling in the hot tub, practicing my pole dancing skills, and even playing a very victorious night of bingo. We even managed to squeeze in two National Park visits, Jean Lafitte NHP and New Orleans Jazz NHP

Making good time on our next drive we continued on and reconfigured our trip. Stopping overnight in Auburn we ordered pizza delivery and rested for the final leg of the trip. After exiting the highway and making what seemed to be a hundred turns we arrived to our new  campground. Nothing says “welcome to your new home” like a quick visit to the ditch on the side of the trailer with a hole in the tire. With my heart about to explode, the ass end of the trailer making permanent gouges in the pavement, and zero grace we landed the beast in the middle of no where.

Thanks for reading, until our next adventure!

Rebecca and Jamie


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