Exploring Our New Territory

I ain’t here for a long time. I’m here for a good time. George Strait

We arrive in Texas a day late and not happy with our campground so living in a camper we move the house two days later. Okay, now we can have some fun. Our first week consisted of an 8hr orientation and then four 5hr days, piece of cake. Okay, that was a lie, I have been siting at a desk for 8 years, so this kicked my butt. I was hoping I could just stick with the 20hr weeks but that will not pay for play time. We worked our way in with two weeks of 30hrs and then went for the 40hrs. Meanwhile we played to make up for all the aching bones and muscles.


So we found some good Mexican food in Azle, Texas, El Cerrito.
We broke down and ate at Mc’Donald’s, Jamie’e food crutch, and then hit up Chili’s. But, don’t be alarmed this wasn’t all in one day.  Yes, we drove over 1,000 miles from home to go experience this but what you don’t know is the population of the town we live in is under 1,300. I promise we will seek far and wide to find life in Texas outside of Boyd. Traveling into Forth Worth was fun and we found some good food at Baker Street Pub in Forth Worth. We had some great fish and chips and a blacked chicken avocado sandwich.

We took a trip to the Stockyards and had a great time, I never pass up a chance to see the animals. We enjoyed our first Texas craft brews, two from Rahr and Sons and one from Revolver Brewing. Scoping out the H3 Ranch for future dinner plans we saddled up to the bar, no pun intended they really had saddle seats.

We headed off to the Love Shack for some grub before watching the cattle drive.



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