Let us give thanks!

Each day I am thankful for nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family, and likes that turned into love- Unknown

Today I am thankful for many things. I’m thankful to just be alive. I have a wonderful partner in life, my husband who is truly wonderful. My little girl fairy tale of a husband has been far surpassed by the amazing man I get to spend all my time with now. Living in a camper I now have little desire for items, I’m very thankful to not want things. Don’t get me wrong as we travel we realize we kept things we don’t need, got rid of some things we could have used, and as we travel find things that might make life easier.

Being away from family for our first Thanksgiving I’m very thankful for my family and miss them very much. That being said, I’m very thankful for the people we have met in our campground and at work at Amazon. We were invited to pre-thanksgiving at the Millers who had to work Thursday, but invited us into their home and made an amazing dinner for us full of surprises, good food, bad jokes, and created a friendship that will follow us in our travels.

We showed up to snacks involving pickles, olives, veggies, really anything pickled. They had cheese and crackers because they knew I love cheese. Jim made his famous jalapeño poppers, made from jalapeños, cream cheese, crab and wrapped in bacon. When it came time to unveil the turkey Dory got out the video as a tradition and this is what we got.

“Honey we shrunk the turkey.” So they made and stuffed a Cornish game hen which will make a nice lunch this week. Then the real turkey came out with mashed potatoes, scratch made green bean casserole, gravy, and two kinds of cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving day fortunately we were already scheduled off so we got the chance to relax and hang out with new friends. We threw together a small potluck and thanks to Gary’s full size oven we centered the meal around a 21 pound turkey. It was a great day spent relaxing, eating good food and hanging out with our neighbors.


One thought on “Let us give thanks!

  1. I’m so glad you had a good Thanksgiving! I missed you and Jamie terribly, as did Nanny. I’m glad you had friends to celebrate the day with! The food looked amazing! I love you two with all my heart. Momma


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