South Padre Island, I’m on a Boat

Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs. ~Susan Sontag

I love taking photos, and overtime as I watch the numbers of photos stored on my laptop rise, I “try” to make better choices. Yes, I can sit and delete, delete, delete which I do often but when I look back on photos from years ago I really have to ask what significance that had. To take my time to frame, snap, store, then just review to delete. I fear the delete key. I might never see that person again, what was their name? I might never return to that location so I must store hundreds of photos in case my memory fails, did I really enjoy it that much? Where am I going with all this? Good question, I have tons of photos of memories still left to get out there in blog land but I also want to get caught up to current life. That being said I had planned to just dump some photos here and then I felt compelled to tell a story. But In an effort to catch up to real life, have fresh stories and share the real me… here is South Padre Island, Texas from the deck of a boat for a dolphin watch with Breakaway Cruises.



So thankfully we saw some dolphins but also got to cruise around the Laguna Madre and hear some fun facts. I won’t spoil them for you so head on down to SPI. I just loved being out on the water and unfortunately it was my only time out. That whole work thing kept getting in the way and I let it, so shame on me. Back to the tour.






“Pelican Island”



You really can’t beat paying $10 for 2 hours of entertainment and a boat ride. I always love seeing dolphins and getting to tour a part of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway was neat. Throw in hanging with the hubs and our favorite fellow traveler and you have a great evening. My time on SPI thereafter was completely changed after this magical boat ride. Okay, it wasn’t magical but this day was the day I discovered dolphin cove, ironically located at our campground and just an easy walk away. Best $10 spent of my time in SPI!!! Every time I got a chance I came and sat to watch the dolphin show. I mentioned ridiculous amounts of photos before, you try taking a picture of a dolphin. I did however manage to obtain thousands of pictures of the water.


View of our campground Isla Blanca from the water.







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