South Padre Island: Dolphin Cove Therapy for the Soul

I feel at ease and, in an indefinable way, at home, when dolphins are around. I now know when they are nearby before they appear. I dream after they leave.~ Virginia Colye

It was just a normal day in April, on South Padre Island that three full time campers decided to play tourist, we had a great time but one of us was forever changed. Okay, it was me and honestly, typical me, but I fell for the dolphins at the cove. After the dolphin cruise I realized I could just walk over to the cove which was part of our campground at Isla Blanca.





I love nature, I adore animals and find water tranquil so this became my spot for the month before we left South Padre Island. I sat, I watched, pondered, took thousands of photos of water and watched the dolphins. In the past I have been on dolphin cruises and I saw dolphins off in the distance at the beach. But when I found a place I could go and always see dolphins it was magical. I will never be able to show you in photos what I saw and what it did for my soul. Those cute little buggers are fast and my camera is nice but not super fancy. They love to come out at sunset, so the lighting sucks but here is what I got, it will never compare to the memories.



There was an amazing jump but of course no photo to prove it and then there was that one time the pirates showed up. If the dolphins weren’t good enough, I was always surrounded by birds, hermit crabs and all sorts of other critters. Unfortunately the other thing I was surrounded by was trash. One sad thing about this gorgeous island is the way people treat it. People…please pick up your trash, they offer trash cans all over the park and beach and yet somehow the beer cans and chip bags can’t find their way just a mere five feet to the proper location.




















4 thoughts on “South Padre Island: Dolphin Cove Therapy for the Soul

  1. I love your pictures Rebecca! You’re right, people should put their trash where it belongs. I’m glad you decided to do a blog and share with all of us! I love you and Jamie!


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